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By | September 18, 2019

S*Pore (pronounced as es po:r) is not a deliberate mistake or computer error. It is Singapore’s own brand of high quality jewellery launched by S*Pore (Japan) Ltd in Japan. This is a joint venture between TDB Holdings, an investment arm of Trade Development Board (TDB) and Heiwado & Co., Japan. The company aims to promote, develop and market Singapore’s high quality products and boost the image of Singapore-designed jewellery internationally.

This investment was encouraged when TDB, through their exhibition efforts, saw a continued growth in the domestic export of jewellery to the Japanese market. It was noted that the exports were sold through Japanese wholesalers and not marketed under one particular brand name.

Since its launch, all S*Pore jewellery have been designed and sourced from 11 local jewellery manufacturers, in collaboration with S*Pore (Japan) Ltd. The manufacturers are Je T’aime, Shingold, De’Fred, Beauty Goldsmiths & Jewellers, Asia Eastern Jewellery Ornament, Chong Brothers, Metro Exquisite Jewellery, Tanglin Jewellery, Chong Shun Hong Jewellery, Heritage Jewellery and Golden Success Jewellery.

S*Pore jewellery is targeted at the upper-middle income market segment, particularly the working women. The range comprises rings, brooches, ear-clips and necklaces in 18k gold and platinum and set with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. All pieces are stamped with the Singapore Assay Office (SAO) hallmark as well as the S*Pore trademark.

Inspired by Singapore’s history and traditions, the jewellery pieces are categorised into three groups. They include the Corporate Identity (CI) Collection, Grand Collection and Sales Promotion (SP) Collections. The Corporate Identity Collection comprises four design themes – Orchid, Five Stars, Harmony and Southern Cross. The Grand Collection is created exclusively for special events and exhibitions while the SP Collections are specially commissioned pieces for specific occasions and target audiences.

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