Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy

By | August 9, 2019
Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy

In Voyager: Unworthy, the author wasted no time reuniting the main characters on the starship Voyager and put them through the paces. Once on board, chaos reigned and the story quickly evolved into a whodunnit plot, even though there are telltale signs of the prime suspect.

“There are dark holes in the Federation that most of you refuse to acknowledge. The secrets buried and studied there would turn your blood cold.” – Willem Batiste

The author probably also laid the groundwork for future series by proving a fair amount of details on the various species the Federation encountered in the Delta Quadrant.

Minor plot hole: If Lasren is an empath, why did he not sense that Tom Paris was lying about the deaths of his wife and daughter while they were serving together on the Voyager?

Then there’s also awkward phrasings like this:
“The sudden death of Admiral Janeway followed too quickly by the chaos of the Borg Invasion during which Chakotay had completely unraveled had left those who had served together for eleven years shell-shocked.”

Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy 1

Fortunately, those are anomalies. Elsewhere, there are plenty of gems, such as this discussion of perfection between Hugh Cambridge and Seven of Nine:

Cambridge sat back again and uncrossed his legs, resting his feet flat on the floor.
“Is perfection a good thing?” he finally asked.
“Obviously,” Seven retorted sharply.
“Interesting,” Cambridge said, tugging gently at his stubbly beard.
“You don’t agree?” Seven asked.
“Not at all,” he replied. “I can’t imagine anything more boring.” When Seven didn’t immediately contradict him, he went on, “Seriously, what do you do once you’re perfect. What’s the point of existence after that? It’s an extreme. It’s the end of the story. You can’t be more perfect than perfection. It’s a binary state. You are or you aren’t.”

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