A close shave for convergence

By | May 1, 2009

A close shave for convergence 1Pity the Motorola folks didn’t see this coming. Otherwise they could have dominated a new category of devices with variations of the same theme: LAZR, TASR, ERASR… you get the drift.

The Rong Zun 758 Razor is a GSM phone that features a detachable bottom plate covering a built-in shaver, along with dual SIM card slots, a 2.6″ touchscreen, 3MP camera, MP3/MP4 player, FM radio, GPRS, Bluetooth connectivity and a microSD slot.

Sold by Malaysian-based i-Pmart.com, the phone comes (no prize for guessing) from China and retails for US$115.74 plus US$21.98 shipping. The original specs are less than convincing:

“The first Razor phone that is super-fit men used. Convenience to carry and practical. As long as you give the battery can be full of electric shaving, and can also dial phone.” Whatever.

What’s next? A built-in electric toothbrush?

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