The wonders of USB

By | January 8, 2007

Just the other day, I was discussing with some colleagues about how far USB has come. These days, we have quirky USB-powered gadgets like missile launcher and hamster that can hardly be considered within the domains of computer products. The situation, it seems, is fast getting out of hand.

Just when you thought the forces of convergence are at work in the computing industry, the products shown below made it look as if divergence is taking place instead.

1. USB-heated mouse mat and gloves that warm your hand in winter.

2. And for lazy folks, try the USB-heated slippers.

3. Better still, you can even warm your ass USB-style.

4. Speaking of ass, here’s something that will get you all hot and bothered.

5. If the weather is too hot, you can put on a USB air-conditioned shirt to cool down. This ingenious idea is the brainchild of Kouzi Ichigaya, an ex-Sony technician.

6. Regardless of the weather, you can warm or chill your drink with the USB bottle warmer/cooler.

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Damn….USB air-con shirt…That’s fricking brilliant…

But the USB dildo? LOL…Probably a nerd who needs a PC to use it with his girl…