Caught up in the rat race?

By | October 18, 2006

Caught up in the rat race? 1Here’s something to remind us that our jobs are on par with a hamster in a wheel. This USB-powered hamster runs as fast as you type. Simply plug it into a USB port, load the software and start typing away. The faster your typing speed, the quicker the hamster’s pace. The little furry animal can reportedly reach a speed of 88mph, although I wouldn’t advise you to push the envelope unless you want to see a flaming rodent. You know, laptops catching fire is quite enough.

For that reason, an on/off switch is also provided on the wheel so that you can give the poor hamster a break.

The price of £24.95 is steep for this rather pointless USB attachment, but I’m sure your boss will approve the acquisition.

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