I have a hunch…

By | April 2, 2009
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…this isn’t gonna work.

Like the troubleshooting scripts straight out of a Windows help playbook, Hunch purportedly allows users to harvest the collective wisdom of Netizens by answering questions they’re interested in and then getting a second opinion based on some information about themselves as well as the answers of those who have jumped through the same hoops.

I’m saying “jump” because this beta site, which is a startup by Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake (real name, btw), resembles a video game dance pad with different conclusions printed over it. All you need to do is jump to the conclusion of your choice.

That would be the least of your concern if you consider the fact that it is possible for Hunch to identify holders of anonymous accounts in social networks. (“The more Hunch learns about each individual user’s personality and preferences, the better Hunch can customize decision results for that users.”)

But the more immediate question is: How does Hunch monetise its service? I’m still waiting for the chance to ask that question.

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