Different versions of Titanic

By | February 4, 2011

So, they’re re-releasing Titanic in 3D? While you wait for that to happen in 2012, here are some other unofficial versions of the disaster movie.

Friend version: I want to jump… anybody else wants to jump?
Leadership version: I jump… all of you jump after me.
Follower version: We will jump after you jump.
Coward version: You jump… tell me if it is ok… then I jump
Calculative version: I’ve already jump last time… now it is your turn to jump.
Commercial version: You should jump because all celebrities and famous people jump.
Programmer version: IF (you.jump()) THEN (I.jump())
Complicated version: If you jump then I jump that means if You don’t jump I might still jump.
Doubtful version: You jump…. are you sure you want to jump? … no kidding? …promise?
Gambler version: We’ll throw a coin if it is head I jump…

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