Shanghai surprise

By | August 20, 2008

I’m in Shanghai today on a business trip and I finally logged in to my MSN Messenger account in the hotel room. Yes, it’s been a while because my company bans IM at work. I know that’s kind of stupid. There are plenty of workarounds, but I just couldn’t be bothered, even when I’m back home.

And here I am logging in to get in touch with family members back home and suddenly several long-lost friends initiated contact. It is then that I realised a lot has changed. One of them went through a particularly difficult period of late and lost a lot of weight. (Hang in there, ok? I know it’s tough, but when things have hit rock bottom, they can only get better.)

Another is contemplating being his own boss (good for you!). Yet another is trying to achieve some kind of certification (sorry, hard to pay attention with so many IM windows popping up all over the place).

Amazing, isn’t it? With so many social networking tools available, I still managed to miss out on so many developments among my friends. I guess it’s all for the lack of trying.

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