China is not the only copycat

By | June 7, 2008

Soon, the largest pyramid in the world will no longer be in Egypt. Or so Dubai hopes. As part of a new project called Falcon City, the rapidly modernising emirate will be adding replicas of the world’s wonders that include its own version of The Tower of Pisa, The Great Wall of China, The Effifel Tower, Dubai Grand Pyramid, Dubai Taj Mahal, Town of Venice and the Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Falcon City will have eco condos, open-air dining, cafés and a garden that looks over FalconCity Mall. From an aerial view, the city will resemble the shape of a falcon, hence its name. There will also be villas in multiple styles, from Santa Fe designs to Aegean architecture.

If all these sound too incredible, check out the video below. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy, but it’s worth watching till the end if you want a good laugh.

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