Service at McDonald’s?

By | October 15, 2007
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I’m not kidding. I’m now in Shenzhen again and this afternoon I had lunch at McDonald’s and I ordered a set meal that comes with a choice of three flavouring powder for the fries. What was amazing is that the crew on the floor offered to mix the powder and the fries in the paper bag provided and shake it for me. Now that’s what I call service. Plus, the service crew also did suggestive selling by saying how tasty the other two choices of powder were and urged me to try them in future. The McDonald’s in the Philippines and Singapore should emulate this.

But with the price of a set meal (RMB25 on average) almost three times what a local worker is willing to pay for (at least for lunch), I’m not surprised the McDonald’s in Shenzhen are going the extra mile.

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2 thoughts on “Service at McDonald’s?

  1. Anonymous

    hmm.. i guess u have not been eating at McD in manila for a long time. They do have the same service and they do mix the flavor with the fries in a paper bag for customers. But the only thing they did not do is to recommend other choices.


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