Is George Ou in bed with Microsoft?

By | March 29, 2007

Or is he just a pathetic troll?

Exhibit A: Uncurious George

Exhibit B: The $350 Apple vs. Dell Debate

And what exactly is a troll?

The use of the word “trolling” comes from the fishing technique where a baited hook is dragged through the water, in an attempt to attract and catch a fish. The phrase was originally coined as “trolling for flames”, where the intention of the forum poster was to incite a “flame war”, the online intellectual equivalent of a bar fight.

It is convenient that the word “troll” has multiple meanings. Aside from the fishing example above, “troll” also is the name of a mythical creature, generally thought of as ugly, fat, cantankerous, wart-covered, smelly, and completely unlikable. Since trolling is typically thought of as a detestable and unsavory activity performed by loathsome, contemptible hooligans, the name “troll” fits them quite well.

There are two basic troll species. Those with overactive minds (busy brain, ADHD, whatever you want to call it) constantly seek out new sources of mental stimuli. And then there are those who are permanently disgruntled, or “physically short-changed” in some way and seek out ways to compensate for their shortcomings through vicious personal attacks against others in order to achieve a “mental erection”.

So which is which? Vote now!

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