Fight club

By | February 12, 2007

Some go to bars to drink and forget; others to socialise and hang out. But do you know there’s a watering hole in China that caters specifically to angry people?

Since April last year, the Rising Sun Anger Release Bar in Nanjing has become all the rage (excuse the pun) for people who suffer from the stresses of modern life. Bar patrons are invited to rant, curse, smash drinking glasses, and use the staff as punching bags (workers are given protective gear and special training). Customers can even ask the targets of their wrath to dress up as the characters they hate most (I guess bosses must be a pretty popular choice).

The bar charges RMB50 to RMB300 (approximately US$6.50 to US$38.70) for people to vent their anger, depending on their demands.

Now, I can’t wait for someone to post an actual video of their anger management session on YouTube. But the first rule of fight club…

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