It’s payback time!

By | November 18, 2006
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So, the Singapore government has raised GST from 5% to 7% and the people are complaining that the increase has come at an inopportune time.

Well, quit whining! Remember this is the same PAP government that you voted in during the recent General Election in May? You get the government you deserve. The next time the government hikes GST, transport fares, school fees, hospital charges, et cetera, et cetera, remember you are the one who voted for those idiots who made the policies. Besides, you fell for the carrot called “Progress Package” so shut the fuck up and admit that you sold your principles for short-term gains. By the way, if you had used your pee-wee brain to think about it, you’ll realise that there’s no free lunch.

And remember this when the next election comes around: If shit could be sold, the PAP government would tax your asshole!

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Pretty harsh words eh, Stephen? Remember many of us don’t have a chance to vote cos we’re in walkover wards.


A blog that meantion rich should pay higher tax:

Another nasty but realsitic blog


GST Hike – An Incredible Tale Of Taxing The Poor To Help The Poor A. Another Post Election Bad News Singaporeans woke up one Tuesday morning in November 2006 to a nightmare which the Opposition had forewarned during the General Election in May 2006. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced in Parliament that the Goods And Service Tax (GST) will be elevated to 7% sometime in 2007, up from the present 5%. PM Lee justified that the GST hike was necessary to finance the enhanced social safety nets to help the lower-income group. He further exclaimed that “it’s better to… Read more »