Better than Ronaldinho

By | November 19, 2006

Now that there’s so much buzz about Vietnam due to the APEC Summit in Hanoi, I just thought it might be timely to highlight a unique sport in neighbouring Myanmar.

Called Chinlone, the goal of this non-competitve sport (or should it be dance?) is to push yourself and your team to attempt extremely difficult moves that keep a small wicker ball in orbit. Sort of like sepak takraw, but the moves are a lot more beautiful and no less demanding than other competitive ball games.

If you watch the awe-inspiring video below, you’ll realise that the Burmese players’ skills may even put Ronaldinho to shame. Some players seem to enter a trance-like state and move in ways that make the experience spiritual. It’s a wonder why Myanmar has not had a successful run in the World Cup so far, but then again, some may argue that the beautiful game is no longer beautiful.

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One thought on “Better than Ronaldinho

  1. Anonymous

    Well, they can do it because the ball is not the standard football…If it is a standard football, they would not be able to do too many fancy tricks due to the size and weight.

    I do enjoy how the women are capable at playing this though.


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