5 thoughts on “World Cup trivia #1

  1. maradona

    the answer to this is so obvious that i suspect its a trick question. so i did a bit of research in case my memory failed me and guess what? this IS a trick question!

    the answer is not nation but nations. Brazil and Italy both won twice. Brazil in 1958 and 1962. Italy in 1934 and 1938. So the correct answer is Brazil and Italy.

    am i smart or what?

  2. Stephen Yeo

    If your guess is Brazil (or Brazil and Italy, for that matter), you’re wrong! Italy won in 1934, beating Czechoslovakia 2-1 in extra time, and defended its title in the 1938 finals held in France. The Italians held the World Cup for another 12 years, as the next finals weren’t staged until 1950 because of World War II. So that’s 16 years in total, or the equivalent of four consecutive World Cup tournaments.

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