Oliver Kahn with a twist

By | June 27, 2006

Oliver Kahn with a twist 1Looks like the German goalkeeper still looms large, despite being demoted to the bench. If you’re in Germany for the World Cup, you may find yourself driving under an oversized Oliver Kahn.

This bridge is actually an outdoor ad by Adidas. It shows Kahn diving for the ball across the four-lane Munich airport highway. Measuring 65 metres in width, the gigantic figure even surpasses the wing span of a Boeing 747-400. Just the nose of the FC Bayern Munich captain is already four metres in diameter.

Oliver Kahn with a twist 2Technical data of the bridge
Width: 65m
Height: 18m
Vertical clearance: 5.30m (at the sides) / 8.60m (in the centre)
Volume: 4,130m³
Weight: 113t steel
No. of construction elements: 9,830
Total length of construction elements: 11.3km
No. of screws used: 9,800
No. of stainless steel washers used: 9,800
No. of hours needed for construction: 6,200

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