Scoble circumstances

By | June 24, 2006

Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s alpha blogger, is leaving the software giant for startup In an interview with Microsoft Watch, Scoble said this about his soon-to-be former employer:

“Another surprise? That every bad decision that I thought was bad had a logical explanation behind it. I didn’t always agree with the decisions, but there was always a decent thought process behind every decision and, most of the time, after hearing the circumstances behind a decision, I usually came to the same conclusion that they did. It’s not easy building software that hundreds of millions of people use.”

Somehow I have to agree with him. Many of us make snap judgements on what a company “should” do, disregarding the fact that business decisions are often made by collective souls who may not always share the same concerns as you would in isolation.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending Microsoft’s monopolistic business practices, but I feel that the company sometimes receives more flak than it deserves.

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