February 7, 1989 (Tuesday)

By | December 10, 2005

Started at 12:15pm at register. Helped out service occasionally. Francis, Ruth, E, etc, teased about my all-rounded abilities. Weak partnership at bar – Y and Eunice. Y panicked due to Eunice’s incompetence, and orders jammed up seriously. Two float glasses were broken as a result. Went in to take control of the situation and compelled Y to do service. Stunned by the whole stack of orders leftover – didn’t even know where to begin. Disastrous – first task of 8 ice-teas tumbled onto E. First time bar so “terok” – lots of accidents (breakage) and cancelled orders. Almost everything not topped up and very disorganised when I took over. Cleared orders at last with help from Max. Edward came in to help as well. Found him to be more stable than Eunice. He seemed to manage the situation better than expected. Took 15 mins break when everything’s restored to normal. Marie smiled at me when bar got jammed again. Nightshift – Joey and me formed strong partnership in bar. Comforted Y who felt discouraged by today’s event. Joey and me of the same view that girls are not very good in comparison handling bar.

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