February 14, 1989 (Tuesday)

By | December 16, 2005

Denise (and E) thought I used mascara – said I have nice eye-lashes (!?). Joey got ‘suan’ by Denise and was unable to answer back – first time. Reminded him to be humble. Opted to go solo at bar from 6.30pm onwards despite Yem’s suggestion to make Eunice stay on as there were early signs of an imminent hit. Declined ‘cos felt that she could not be much of a help anyway.

Seriously hit – unexpected! Couples followed by couples came in with lots of ice-water orders. Managed to cope for a while before being overwhelmed by the super-fast trade. E came in and helped to clear for a while. OMO again after she went out. Kitchen got hit just as badly with only Joey and Francis around (both over-confident: let Kelvin II, who’s supposed to be on shift, go off to celebrate his birthday with Suzie). Jammed up seriously until there’s no aux items and almost no dough if not for Jim/Max, etc., who turned up to help. Bar ran out of root beer, orange, and even sundae glasses! Joey helped to clear bar counter occasionally as there was no hope for kitchen.

Busy like hell – became indifferent to the crowd as well as Charlotte’s incessant complaints about ice-cream orders. Emergency call for help. Felt more comfortable after Y replaced Charlotte. Door closed at 9.50pm by Yem. All were relieved – exhausted by the non-stop flow of business. Toiled through the disastrous remains of the battle – one of the worst closing shifts ever experienced. Finished at about 11.45pm and off at 12am.

Supper on Yem’s suggestion. Carried Pamela’s bag for her while we walked as she was very tired and sleepy. Cab home with E after meal – she was so happy when she spotted a rose on the backseat of the cab.

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