Don’t touch the shiny parts…

By | February 19, 2002

Don't touch the shiny parts… 1Do you know that the oil on your fingers can ruin internal PC connections? Well, that’s just one of the valuable lessons you’ll learn from expert PC upgrader and author of this book, Glenn Weadock. According to the book’s publisher, none of Glenn’s PCs contains any of its original parts. That says a lot about his credentials, unless our man here is a compulsive computer wrecker. Judging by what was written in this book, it doesn’t appear that a nervous nerd is on the loose.

From adding disk drives to setting up the different buses, “Upgrading Your Home PCDon't touch the shiny parts… 2” does a decent job of presenting step-by-step instructions (often with photos) on how to get it right. The author also writes in such a manner that you won’t feel like you’re reading some kind of textbooks.

With a bit of practice (and luck), this book will help your PC survive through a few product cycles, but the author is quick to cover his arse by acknowledging, “some of the procedures in this book will void your warranty with extreme prejudice”.

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