Makes learning Windows XP a walk in the park

By | February 23, 2002
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Makes learning Windows XP a walk in the park 1Unfortunately, a walk in the park may not titillate a lot of people who prefer more excitement along the way. Unlike “Upgrading Your Home PC”, this book has all the look-and-feel of a typical textbook. And reads like one too!

If you’re the kind who gets bored easily with straightforward documentations, avoid this book like the plague. Otherwise, this might be your bible to all things XP – from managing files and directories to setting up a peer-to-peer network.

The book’s large format supposedly enables the text to be very readable and provides lots of space for illustrations, but somehow I’m reminded of Geography classes whenever this book falls into my hand. If you can deal with such a nagging thought, “Windows XP Home Edition Simply Visual” is indeed as easy as it gets.

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