Spy The Lie

By | December 22, 2022
Spy The Lie

Looking at the cover design of Spy The Lie, you might have thought this book is like Thomas Erikson’s “Surrounded by…” series. But any similarity stops here.

Unlike Surrounded by Idiots and all other spin-offs, the content in Spy The Lie is grounded on some solid scientific methodologies, not pure conjectures.

Unlike the “real-life examples” cited in Surrounded by Idiots, the information presented in Spy The Lie is at least believable and could actually be useful in real-world application. It also doesn’t rehash popular myths about certain types of body language. Instead, it encourages the reader to examine the context, and then point out that if clusters of these behaviours exist out of context, there is further work to do in digging for the truth.

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