Not every school is a good school

By | November 13, 2020

I was lucky. My two kids had the opportunity to grow up in school environments that were nurturing and enriching. For that, I am grateful. When my family moved from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, we wanted to enrol my son in a kindergarten but most of them were at full capacity because it was past the enrolment deadline. We tried our luck at a very popular kindergarten near our place in Wanchai and the school decided to take in our son after we spoke with the principal. He flourished under the loving care of the teachers, despite not being able to speak Cantonese fluently like his dad. Here’s a video of him Christmas caroling with his kindergarten mates.


When we moved back to Singapore from Hong Kong, my son repeated a year in kindergarten because of the difference in the school year. We also balloted for a vacancy in Northland. We were lucky – there were 90+ applications for the 40 odd vacancies offered.

Good teachers and dedicated support staff are what makes a school a good school. Not reputation. Certainly not nice-sounding slogans.

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