Click Here to Kill Everybody

By | November 30, 2020

Click Here to Kill EverybodyThe Chicken Littles of the world will have a field day with this book. Contrarians, however, will dismiss Bruce Schneier’s writings as little more than False Evidence Appearing Real.

Indeed, “the sky is falling” and “click this button to kill everybody” will hardly convince those who are skeptical of clickbaity conspiracy theories. Never mind that some of the things Schneier wrote in the book had happened (or could have happened).

One annoying thing is that the author added to the plethora of buzzwords with the “+” suffix (witness the now-defunct Google+, Disney+, etc), which he conveniently calls “Internet+”, and then tried to run a marketing campaign around it in the book.

The content is also very US-centric so you may find it hard to associate with the “problems+ solutions” if you’re living in the ROTW.

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