What a dream!

By | August 9, 2020

Last night, I dreamed that my son joined the Spanish squadron and went on a bombing mission during a rain-soaked day, but he… did not return.

So I took a bus (!!!) to search for him in what appears to be a city centre (vaguely like Ayala Avenue in Makati, Philippines). But the bus travelled in the wrong direction. I alighted and crossed over to the other side of the street, hoping to reverse the course. None of the buses there seemed to be going the reverse route. Somehow I landed near a Standard Chartered Bank and walked around to a dark alley. (Here, the details got a little fuzzy.)

Someone belonging to one of the five clans volunteered to help me. Each of the clans was represented by a Chinese character, but I can’t remember what they meant.

Anyway, he led me through a field and through NTU in search of my son. On the way, the guy asked me to take a photo of him in front of a patch of grass or something. I took a few shots before my credit card camera ran out of battery.

We saw a bunch of medical students in an NTU building with Penrose stairs. We then passed through a Japanese-like bazaar, similar to the streets of Kyoto.

Unfortunately, here’s when the alarm rang.

I’m hoping I can pick up where I left off some day (or night). I’ve done this many times before (but undocumented) and sometimes the dreams recur with overlaps. And sometimes, certain elements of the dream mirrored some aspects of either the past or the future.

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