Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

By | December 13, 2019
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

There’s so much “fake it till you make it” vibe in this book that the cup truly runneth over.

And chapter 11 took it to a new level of BS with what the author called Higher Self, which “is capable of a high degree of sensitivity and attunement to a harmonious flow within the universe.”

That stuff alone probably undid everything that came before it, so if you want to take this book seriously, you might have to consider skipping this chapter.

All of which is a shame really, because there’s some useful stuff in here, e.g. this part on the nature of giving:

“One of the most important lessons one has to learn in life is how to give, and therein lies an answer to fear. As babies we represent the ultimate of neediness. We come into this world as total takers. We have to take, or we will die. Our survival is tied up with the world surrounding us. We give little back. We don’t care what time we wake our parents when we are hungry, or how loudly we scream and bother the neighbors when we want to be picked up.”

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