Tahitian Pearls

By | December 20, 2019

Although they are commonly called black pearls, Tahitian pearls offer a wide range of colours. In their natural state, they show a palette of infinite, unique shades ranging from cherry, cream, peacock, green, blue, grey to white.

Tahitian pearls come in a great number of shapes, usually divided into five categories: round/semi-round, oval/button, drop, circled, semi-baroque and baroque. While round pearls have long been buyers’ favourites, other categories attract more and more designers who draw their inspiration from the pearls’ original yet natural shapes, to create unique pieces of jewellery.

The pearl of Tahiti is generally between 8 and 14mm. Some pearls exceed 18mm and are considered extremely rare treasures. In general, the bigger the pearl’s diameter and the rounder its shape, the higher its value. This rule doesn’t always apply strictly.

The value of a large, lower quality pearl may be less than the value of a smaller, blemish-free pearl. However, the colour and radiance criteria that are specific to the pearl of Tahiti remain the most decisive for experts.

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