Home, sweet home

By | May 23, 2009

If you’ve ever felt homesick while on the road, you may appreciate the idea of “Home from Home“, a travel kit designed to help ease the pain of being away on business. The kit, offered by Laterooms.com, includes such comforts as:

  • A bespoke scent, made by a company called Dale Air, that smells exactly like your home. (Ensuring your home smells right in the first place is your own responsibility, as Dale Air will apparently visit your home to work out a suitable scent.)
  • An MP3 player with comforting sounds recorded from your home. (Just make sure the kids are out playing.)
  • A pillowcase washed in a pre-selected washing powder of your choice.
  • Your favourite refreshments

    Well, that seems like a nice touch, but only if home is what you’ll miss most when you’re on a business trip. Or for that matter, even when you’re travelling for leisure. After all, do you want to be reminded of the dirty laundry, bickering children, nagging spouse, inconsiderate neighbours, etc, when you can have the rare opportunity to indulge in a bit of peace and quiet?

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