All your rooms are belong to us

By | April 10, 2009

All your rooms are belong to us 1Ok, maybe not all. Created as part of Linz‘s efforts to celebrate being the European Capital of Culture for 2009, the six rooms of the Pixel Hotel are essentially recycled spaces scattered across this quaint city in Austria. Hotel guests – if they can even be acknowledged as such – get to stay, for example, in a room onboard an old dragboat, in an art gallery, in a soup kitchen, within an architect’s office, an old campervan, etc. Or as the official website puts it: “All of Linz ist [sic] a Hotel!”

The “rooms” are equipped with standard amenities such as en-suite bathroom, TV, mini-bar and Internet access (except on the dragboat). Other than that, you’re on your own. Guests are given a map and Linz travel pass to explore the city for their meals and entertainment. And that’s the concept of this unconventional lodging experiment: allow visitors to experience the city up close and personal.

Prices for the rooms begin at 87 euros a night for a single room, and packages are also available to give visitors a chance to experience different rooms on different nights. A “flying receptionist” hands over keys and invoice at the start of your stay.

But hurry, the experiment will end when Linz’s year as Capital of Culture is over.

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