Someone please call the bomb disposal squad!

By | September 4, 2008
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If you’re a regular traveller who lugs around a generic-looking Samsonite luggage on the road, you might bemoan the fact that it can be difficult to identify your own bag, especially at crowded airports where several airlines share the same luggage carousel, sometimes almost simultaneously. To deal with this “problem”, an American company has come up with a “fun and easy” way to locate your bags.

Someone please call the bomb disposal squad! 1The Luggage Locator is a padlock-sized receiver that you can attach to your luggage before checking in. Pressing a button on the remote transmitter will send an RF signal to the receiver, which beeps and flashes. With the Pro version, you can transmit the signal to several receivers at once, useful for people with more than one luggage.

Now, here’s the problem. Such a device looks pretty certain to arouse the suspicions of officials at security-conscious airports. Even if it did not, imagine the chaos of beeps and flashes if everyone had one of these. Worse, the brand name for this device – ETA – is also the acronym of an illegal armed Basque nationalist separatist organisation. This is a reason why every company should google a name before adopting it.

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