Judge a book by its cover

By | December 4, 2007

Ok, we’re not supposed to judge the proverbial book by its cover, but would you have the faintest idea what these real-life titles of magazines are all about without flipping through the pages?

1. Alarming Cry
a. Trade publication for home alarm systems
b. Magazine about illnesses that strike newborns
c. Right-wing news-magazine for the Evangelical community

2. Answer Me!
a. Magazine for members of the American Telephone Association
b. Underground zine about death and violence
c. Dear Abby’s annual advice magazine

3. Equal Pay
a. Magazine about gender equality in education
b. Top-40 music magazine
c. Monthly updates in the world of day care

4. Frank Talk
a. Busines magazine put out by a guy named Frank
b. Magazine about the rising tide of radio “shock jocks”
c. Nudies publication full of reader fantasies

5. Loose Change
a. Magazine for slot machine collectors
b. Magazine about junk bonds
c. Free publication about homelessness

6. The Green Man
a. Jolly Green Giant fanzine
b. California magazine for men exploring their spiritual lives
c. Design publication for landscape architects

7. Blitz Magazine
a. Magazine for social drinkers
b. Cyberpunk magazine for alternative youth
c. Consumer music magazine

Take your best guess!

Update: Here are the answers…
1. (c)
2. (b)
3. (a)
4. (a)
5. (a)
6. (b)
7. (c)

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