House of flying alarm clock

By | July 3, 2007

House of flying alarm clock 1The Flying Alarm Clock from Hammacher Schlemmer may be the most irksomely effective alarm clock ever created. This devious device has a propeller-driven module that flies off when the alarm goes off, making a really annoying noise like a mosquito.

But that’s not all. The alarm only stops when the rotor is installed back in the clock’s base, so you’ll have to find it first before you can turn the ringing off. And if you sleep with the windows open, you’d better pray that the rotor doesn’t hit the street before you do.

The US$39.95 digital clock may also pose as a hazard for heavy sleeper who may get hit by a UFO (unexpected flying object) when the rotor runs out of juice. So be warned!

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  1. Anonymous

    can you sue the manufacturer if you get hurt by this stuff?


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