Would you do this to your pet?

By | May 22, 2007

Like an episode straight out of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!”, it seems that some folks are taking the “art” of body modification a bit too far by inflicting it on their pets. I’m saying “inflict” because it’s fine for human beings to have multiple piercings, tattoos and what not, since those who choose to mod their own bodies do so out of their own free will. Furthermore, human beings know how to take care of the various body ornaments they adorn, unlike their canine and feline counterparts. Piercings on animals, for instance, may run the risk of being pulled violently out of their flesh by accident.

Would you do this to your pet? 1 Would you do this to your pet? 2

Fortunately, recent legislation in some parts of the world is seeking to put an end to the unnecessary body art and physical alteration of pets. Before body modification enthusiasts argue that this is a form of self-expression for which the decision to get a tattoo or piercing should be best left to the individual, please ask yourself if your pet dog or cat agreed to go along with it.

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