You die, I die

By | December 4, 2006

Ok, this is not some stupid Titanic parody. Yesterday, I posted a video and asked if you would do something similar for your loved one. Believe it or not, some people, after watching the video, don’t quite get it. Here’s the deal for the clueless – the guy in the video opted to have his eyes transplanted to his sweetheart after an accident, a huge sacrifice considering he’s a photographer and he likes motorbike racing, etc.

(Don’t ask me why he must be the donor. It’s a typical Korean melodrama. When it comes to making dramatic music videos about love, the Koreans win hands down.)

If you still don’t get it or won’t emulate what the guy has done, then the act of the female protagonist in the music video below will be a bigger leap of faith for you.

You can also download the full video here (new link!).

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