Donation for Bush

By | December 30, 2006

In the United States, a guy is in his car on the motorway when it arrives at traffic jam.

A while later, someone knocks on his window. The guy rolls down his window and asks “What’s happening?”

The other guy says “Terrorists have taken Bush hostage and demand a million dollars, otherwise they will pour gasoline on him and throw a match at him. So, I’m going from car to car to collect donations.”

The driver asks: “And how much do people give?”

“5-10 liters. It depends.”

By the way, now that Saddam Hussein has been executed, George BUSH (Beat Up Saddam Hussein) would have outlived his “usefulness”. Maybe it’s time for him to step down before he’s fired with enthusiasm.

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On the contrary, since Rumsfeld had resigned, I think Bush should go to jail instead.