Is your vote secret?

By | May 6, 2006

I can’t say for sure since this is the first time I voted in a general election. But what I do notice is that the ballot slip does have a serial number printed on it, so it’s not urban legend or the words of one with irrational fears.

Matching the serial number with the details on the stub retained by the polling officer at the polling centre, I suppose it is possible to trace back how an individual voter cast his/her vote, let alone the voting pattern of an entire precinct.

Could this have an influence on how voters made their choice?

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Voting must be seen to be secretBy Siew Kum Hong, TODAY First Published 15 May 2006 SINGAPORE: Your polling card states which voting lane you must use. The serial number of the ballot slip issued to you is recorded against your name. “They” can trace you, and “they” will blacklist or even “get” you, if you vote for the Opposition. This is the urban legend that never dies, is raised and dismissed every election. It surfaced before and during the recent campaign, and continues to be talked about even days after Polling Day. It has a longevity surpassing the campaign… Read more »