Have Singaporeans gone soft?

By | April 20, 2006
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With the Singapore elections around the corner, this may be an appropriate question to ask again. Would we have the guts to vote with our conscience? Or do we continue to let bread and butter issues dictate our future?

The funny thing is, we care about our rights enough to stage a march to promote breastfeeding. Yet when our freedom of speech gets trampled on, we acquiesce.

In the eyes of A*Star chairman Philip Yeo, Singapore boys are whiny and immature because all government scholars who broke their scholarship bonds since 1990 have been Singapore males, and the occasional postings on the Internet criticising his scholarship programmes were also from Singapore male scholars.

But you know what? Looking at the way those who have the privilege to vote in the past, I have to agree Singaporeans (not just Singapore males) are becoming soft. In fact, I think they’re becoming cowards.

If we have a nation of cowards (people who are afraid to cast their honest votes), then we will not have a strong nation. And the worst cowards are those who want to see brave and credible oppositions but are themselves too afraid to even vote for what they have been advocating.

So do something about it. Vote with your head, heart and conscience.

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Is it safe to vote in that manner in Singapore now? Visited last year and have spoken to a bunch of Singkies lately and it really does seem like the ceiling’s been raised somewhat.

Wish people downunder would take greater interest in Singapore, as business interests from there are becoming increasingly active here. Singtel owns 40% of our fattest communications pipe for instance, and may end up buying Telecom NZ.


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I admire your guts but you gotta be careful or else you’ll get into trouble.


I, the Singaporean, am a pathetic combination of English-speaking CNN/Hollywood-educated citizen of the world, a semi-free man under the Lee Dynasty and the Ugly Chinaman. My local newspaper (the only allowed to operate) tells me that my country is Number 1 in this and that. I believe it because the Income Tax people are really quick in making me pay my taxes. And I get parking tickets very regularly. My parents told me that I must get ahead or die of starvation. I believed it and studied hard to make it to university. But they did not tell me that… Read more »