Mindboggling thoughts

By | February 7, 2006

What happens if you’re sitting by the window of an aircraft in the middle of a flight and you notice that one of the bolts on the wing is coming loose? Do you:
(1) freak out?
(2) keep your fingers crossed?
(3) pretend nothing is wrong?
(4) hijack the plane and force it to land?

You are working in the tallest building in the world and one day you see a Boeing 747 flying toward you. Do you:
(1) phone a talk show host?
(2) take a photo of the oncoming plane with your digital camera, upload it together with a write-up to your blog, and fire off an e-mail to inform your friends about it?
(3) quit your job?

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steve jobs

will be nice to quit job. 😉