Someday we’ll get there, but not now…

By | January 18, 2006

In “Inside Intel” (BusinessWeek, Jan 9 & 16, 2006), the cover story mentioned on page 46:

“Otellini [Intel’s new CEO] is convinced such collaboration will lead to breakthrough innovations. He imagines a day when people will use Centrino laptops to watch live TV on the subway or when kids will be able to download Spider-Man 3 to their home theater on the same day it’s released worldwide.”

Well, not if users have to wait while booting up or shutting down their machines, find a connection for the TV signal and worry about power drain on the laptop’s battery.

As for the second point about downloading movies to home theater, this inevitably brings up the issues of pricing and payment (for the content) and copyright protection (of the downloaded content), since such download will make it easier to share copyright materials on P2P networks. Vested interests of content owners, studios, film distributors, retailers, hardware manufacturers, etc, will most likely rule out a consensus on how the whole scheme of things should work.

Furthermore, the downloading time for movies means that this is only feasible where affordable and reliable broadband Internet connection is widely available.

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