Chaotic thoughts, chaotic writing

By | March 16, 2005

Published by Creative O Pte Ltd, Chaotic Thoughts From the Old Millennium reads very much like an ego trip by the Creative Technology founder. Worse, fillers suspiciously ran the course in this book. Although the author tried to justify the liberal dose of amateurish babble disingenuously passed off as Philosophies & Theories (“Marriage Is Like Signing 2 Blank Cheques”, for instance, has received a lot of flak from the local audience), one can’t help but think that he’s simply trying to make up the numbers.

While the writing is peppered with grammatical errors, one can hardly fault Sim for it as he is not a writer by profession. However, you would probably wish that he had run a spell check on his work. Worse, some of the stuff here sound like shameless self promotion. No, maybe SIm would like to think of them as “art-vertisements”.

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