The Motorola of digital cameras

By | July 10, 2004
The Motorola of digital cameras 1It’s easy to see why HP hasn’t captured a significant share of the digital camera market. Somehow, the company designs a camera as it would a PC. To say the Photosmart 945’s interface is unintuitive is therefore a bit of an understatement. The fiddly controls are enough to challenge average users, but for those who are not easily deterred, the extremely slow image processor will stretch their patience and make them wonder at times if they’re operating a camera that has stopped responding. To put it crudely, this is like the Motorola of digital cameras. Coupled with the fact that the flash doesn’t pop up automatically in low light conditions and the focus light is easily obstructed by your fingers (if you’re holding the camera with both hands), there is a lot to dislike about the Photosmart 945.

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