Who moved my car?

By | September 10, 2003

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned about the organised chaos in Hanoi. Well, road behaviour usually reflects the national character pretty well. Examples:

United States
Polite and orderly, but piss them off and they’ll drive over your head with a monster truck.

Like Vietnam, absolutely chaotic, but there is a certain rhythm to the traffic that everyone seems to understand. So despite there being no apparent rules, people still get where they want to go (alive) by exercising tolerance and patience.

Where roads serve two purposes: to facilitate an outward display of success, opulence, anal attention to cleanliness and status, and as a release valve for pent-up aggression and powerlessness.


And if you ever plan to write a book along traffic lines, here are some suggested titles:

Who Moved My Car [motivational]
The Behaviour-Driven Life [self-help]
(Insert Your Name) & The Order Of The Traffic [fiction]
Driving History [autobiography]
Traffic @ The Speed Of Thought [business management]

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