Exciting, but challenging times ahead…

By | October 23, 2002

Just when you thought the personal computer has become another boring piece of hardware, along comes the Tablet PC to challenge that notion. This new device, about the size of a legal pad of paper, promises to deliver the killer punch for mobile computing.

But perhaps the greatest advantage Tablet PC has over the current crop of notebook computers is its ability to input information using a stylus. While many of us are “trained” to type by necessity, nothing comes more natural than the pen and paper input method. Using a stylus to input information is thus the logical way to go for the road warrior or the corridor cruiser.

That, however, opens up the proverbial Pandora’s box. Because as “innovations” such as the Tablet PC become a commonplace electronic novelty in the household or at work, more people – who you do not know, nor do you care to know them – will be able to see more of you, more often.

This scares us, and it should. Unfortunately, we can’t cut corners when it comes to security and privacy.

If you only play games, write e-mail, or surf the Internet, your life would easily survive the crash of every bit of data smudged on the platters of your hard drive. But what if every aspect of your life is dependent on the computer?

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