Become a D.I.Y. expert

By | May 4, 2001

Become a D.I.Y. expert 1Written with non-technical PC users in mind, Fix Your Own PCBecome a D.I.Y. expert 2 is a valuable guide to diagnosing, fixing, and understanding your PC. That is hardly surprising, given that the book is into its sixth edition with over 200,000 copies in print.

In the author’s opinion, repairing a PC is actually a job that exercises the muscles between your ears. True to his words, he makes this job appear less physically daunting than fixing, say, a car.

With nearly 250 photos, illustrations and troubleshooting flowcharts, Fix Your Own PC introduces you to the alphabet soup of the PC world in layman terms. The book comes with easily identified icons highlighting useful tips and important notes about the subject, as well as handy cross-references that point to more details elsewhere.

If you want to know how to change a hard drive, fix balky memory, or figure out why your monitor has gone black, this book will give you the sense of pride that comes with accomplishing work on your own. Plus, it might save you time and money!

Perhaps the only drawback is the format of the book, which can be difficult to browse on a cluttered tabletop.

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