Internetworking Troubleshooting Handbook

By | June 15, 2001

The trouble with this troubleshooting handbook is that it is a killer book. “Killer” in the sense that the book weighs a ton (exaggeration, of course) and can cause serious damage when used as a weapon.

Internetworking Troubleshooting Handbook 1Sarcasm aside, Internetworking Troubleshooting HandbookInternetworking Troubleshooting Handbook 2 claims to be an essential reference for solving difficult networking problems. The difficulty, as far as I see it, is getting started. This voluminous book (more than 1,000 pages and at least 5 centimetres thick) is enough to deter the most patient of readers.

However, for those with a genuine need for proven troubleshooting solutions, this book serves as a handy reference. Each section is devoted to problems common to a specific technology area, and the sections are subdivided into symptoms, descriptions of environments, diagnosing and isolating problem causes, and problem-solution summaries.

All in all, the book is intended to help you make intelligent, timely, and cost-effective networking decisions for your networking environment.

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