Not your typical book on digital photography

By | June 14, 2001

Well indexed and organized, How to Do Everything with Your Digital CameraNot your typical book on digital photography 1
is an easy-to-follow guide that teaches you how to organize, edit, and store your favourite photos in digital media, as well as how to upload images directly from your camera to the Web.

Not your typical book on digital photography 2Topics such as editing software, hardware add-ons, online image management tools, and troubleshooting are given adequate coverage, so even beginners can bring their digital vision to life. Special elements like “How-To”, “Notes”, “Tips” and “Sidebars” also help you to get the most out of the book.

The author uses clear, non-technical language to explain his points, and numerous photos and screen shots are included to walk the reader through all the important steps.

For a book on digital photography, the irony is that it is entirely in black-and-white (except the cover). Obviously by eliminating colour and binding with a soft cover, the publisher has been able to meet a more affordable price point. But the book certainly suffers from a lack of visually appealing images.

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