A newcomer’s guide to wireless telecommunications technologies

By | June 13, 2001

Data Over Wireless  Networks: Bluetooth, WAP, and Wireless LANs is a good primer for those who want an honest understanding of wireless data communications technologies and their capabilities.

Written by Gilbert Held, an award-winning author and lecturer who specializes in the application of computer and communications technology, the eleven chapters explain how wireless technology works and examine the breakthroughs and developments of emerging industry standards such as Bluetooth and WAP.

By reading this book, you will be able to pick up stuff like Shannon’s law, HDML, piggybacking, and the evolving use of LMDS and MMDS. Despite the jargons, experts in this field will probably find the coverage insufficient to meet their needs.

Tables and figures are well scattered throughout this book. Some of these (particularly the flow charts) are questionable, as they do not seem to illustrate the related concepts well enough.

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