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The value of skepticism

During the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, one morning’s executions began with three men: a rabbi, a Catholic priest, and a rationalist skeptic. The rabbi was marched up onto the platform first. There, facing the guillotine, he was asked if he had any last words. And the rabbi cried out, “I believe in… Read More »



Four stages

There are four stages in a man’s life. 1. When he believes in Santa Claus 2. When he does not believe in Santa Claus 3. When he is Santa Claus 4. When he looks like Santa Claus Which stage are you at now? Related post: 10 instructions for life


百姓供养我锦衣玉食。我君临万民,就当尽心竭力,为百姓办事。你食君之禄,当忠君之事。我食民之禄,就当忠民之事。康熙,鹿鼎记,第五十回 反观新加坡的执政官员,本末颠倒,终日养尊处优,却压抑舆论,视群众如粪土,焉有造福人民之心? Technorati Tags: 康熙 鹿鼎记 食民之禄 新加坡 本末颠倒