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Silent nightHoly nightWhen all have died…When all have died…Listen to the soundsOf silence tonightLeave the worldBefore it’s too lateLeave the world tonight…

Close To Haven’t

The world is slowly falling downUpon people in long black gownWho propagates the teachings of their lordAs though they are the truths we forgot Now the devil is calling outFor your soul to twist and shoutTo the world of angels and saintsNo more silly pretences and games Chorus:Close to heavenIs it a dream or just… Read More »

Diary Of A Murderer

Monologue:This song is dedicated to all the psychotic people in this world who have no one to kill but themselves. The need is to hurt youAnd depress youLife’s a devil in actionWith murderous intentionsThere’s no mistakingYou’re the target of anEndless assassination Chorus 1:An executionIn the darknessSimilar to capital punishmentNo need to hurryWith mutilationUntil there is… Read More »


Lyrics from a song that reflected my decision to leave Singapore… 這種念頭困擾我許多年 去留的問題一直無法解決 總是有走投無路的感覺 沒想到一條小道在眼前 今天有路今天走 抓緊命運伸出的手 離鄉背井不是我願意 可是故鄉讓我心痛 今天有路今天走 看緊機會不要蹉跎 遠走他鄉不是我願意 可是故鄉難以忍受 希望的火總是難以熄滅 理想的掙扎纏著我不妥協 雖然不知道路盡頭是什麼 可是這裡的現實我討厭 Related stories: Why I would like to leave Define their reality The Final Post P.S. I will be on vacation in Taipei over the next couple of days… Read More »

Where Is Your Conscience?

Where is your conscience, my friend?Killing millions, occupying their landGathering other people’s property in your hands How can you sleep, or rest, in peaceWhen others have really nothing to eat Where is your conscience, my friend?Suppressing opinions, brainwashing young menPurging oppositions to further your own ends How can you eat and not feel sickBy the… Read More »