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Touch me, baby!

This is probably every geek’s dream “gadget”. The Geekini, as it is called, is the brainchild of French designer John Nouanesing. The classic two-piece bikini features strategically placed A, B and directional buttons from the original Nintendo controller. The design is guaranteed to excite geeky male gamers. Not so sure about the advantage for female… Read More »

Here’s the SKHOOP

Even if you do not have Sarah Palin‘s wardrobe budget, the SKHOOP is within reach to keep you from cold-butt syndrome, especially if you are taking a peek at Russia from Alaska in the bitter cold. SKHOOP is an insulated skirt, stuffed with either synthetic fill or down, that zips on and off. It comes… Read More »

No wonder it’s called suffer-ring

No kidding. Designer Tobias Wong has created an engagement ring that can literally kill you, if the price hasn’t already done you in. You see, the ring is designed in such a way that the razor-sharp diamond point is facing outwards, making it a potentially lethal weapon that can inflict serious damage if you know… Read More »

Dangerous Crocs

Oh man! The Japanese government has issued a public warning regarding Crocs. Seems like the popular plastic clogs have been the cause of 40 accidents, most of them involving children, as it gets stuck in escalators very easily. A five-year-old girl reportedly broke her middle toe and the nails of three other toes were ripped… Read More »

Fat is the new fad?

No, I’m not talking about the disastrous performance by Britney Spears at the recent MTV awards. Seems like average folks like you and me have gotten tired of aspiring to have the impossibly thin figure of fashion models. Now the tide is turning. Following the banning of super-skinny models (i.e. those with a body mass… Read More »